December 20, 2023

Season 1, Episode 25: Roaster's Inside Perspective: Discovering A Delicate New Kenyan Coffee

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary: 
In this podcast episode, I discuss my experiences as a coffee roaster and some of the recent coffee origins I've been working with. I compare how the latest Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees are tasting compared to my memories of them, noting that many current coffees seem more delicate and their flavors less vibrant than what I recall. I talk about an exceptionally unusual Kenyan coffee I roast years ago that some customers didn't even like due to its intense flavor profile. I explain why as a roaster, I get to understand a coffee's characteristics more intricately since I roast samples in numerous ways from light to dark profiles. This allows me to really get to know a coffee on multiple levels.

I then explain how I plan to take listeners along on my journey of discovering how to best roast and brew a new Kenyan coffee that the importer described as delicate. By sharing my roasting and brewing experiments, I aim to give insight into the process a specialty coffee roaster goes through when assessing a new coffee offering. Listeners will learn about coffee analysis from the roaster's perspective as well as get to participate in cupping evaluations of the different roast profiles. I'm excited to have listeners join me in exploring this Kenyan coffee's full potential.

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