January 07, 2024

Season 1, Episode 32: Scaling a Specialty Coffee Biz: Using Amazon to Reach More Mainstream Drinkers

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
In this podcast episode, I discuss my journey with starting a specialty coffee business and selling on Amazon. I talk about the challenges I've faced in understanding consumer behavior and building a consistent customer base that cares about my specific brand, not just getting a good cup of coffee. I realize that while many specialty coffee drinkers prioritize fresh, small-batch roasted coffee, that is not a sustainable business model for growth.

Instead, I explain how I believe Amazon can help me scale my business and reach more mainstream coffee drinkers by allowing them convenient access to my coffee at a reasonable price. I share my learning process with getting certified to sell on Amazon, including setbacks that I now see as just part of the journey rather than obstacles. My goal is to use Amazon as a platform to then educate more consumers through tips, tricks and content about quality coffee and my brand. Listeners will learn about my strategic approach to growing a specialty coffee business beyond just a hyper-local customer base.

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