January 07, 2024

Season 1, Episode 33: Pursuing Sustainable Routines and Creativity in Business

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
In this podcast episode, I share updates on my coffee brand's progress with getting approved for Amazon Brand Registry. I submitted paperwork multiple times but have not been approved yet; it's been almost four days since I last heard back so I'm hoping to get approved soon. I also discuss my goals to create more audio and video content. Audio content has been really enjoyable for me to make so far. I even tested recording podcasts in my car and while walking. I'm planning to renew my GoPro subscription and got a new wireless microphone to improve my video and audio quality.

A major theme I explore is sustainability - keeping up positive habits, routines and new projects long-term. I think about sustainability when it comes to my fitness routine, coffee business, and content creation. I currently podcast twice a week which feels sustainable, but I may experiment with adding another day. I define sustainability as being able to endure and continue something no matter what challenges arise. As we start something new like a podcast, we wonder excitedly how sustainable it can be. I share my approach to sustainably enjoying and geeking out over a new Kenyan coffee I purchased, through documenting the different roasting methods, preparation techniques, and flavors I experience. Listeners will learn about my system for sustainably operating my coffee business and creative projects in the new year.

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