January 07, 2024

Season 1, Episode 34: Brewing My Coffee Brand: 2023 Lessons to 2024 Goals

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
In this wide-ranging podcast episode, I frankly discuss the journey I'm on to build my coffee brand and business. I talk about my goals for 2024, including expanding my podcast output, upgrading my video gear to improve workflow, revamping my website to create a "digital coffee shop", putting out recipe content, simplifying my coffee offerings, getting onto Amazon, and finding the right partners. Underpinning it all is my dedication and motivation to keep pushing myself even when frustrated, the lack of a defined "endgame", and my belief that the journey itself brings opportunities.

I also use a just-roasted Kenyan coffee to exemplify how I want to bring listeners along on the process of seeing how different beans respond to different roast profiles and brew methods. I admit the current batch has a strong "green" taste but am curious to experiment with it more, calling myself "the Antichrist of specialty coffee" - never content to accept the status quo. The episode gives an entertaining glimpse into my creative but systematic mindset as I build my business. Listeners will learn about my goals for the coming year, as well as my transparent and questioning attitudes toward coffee and business assumptions.

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