January 28, 2024

Season 1, Episode 41: Avoiding Smoky Flavor: Tips for Roasting Coffee

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
In this podcast episode, I discuss my experience with "smoky" tasting coffee and how it can occur during the roasting process. I explain that smoky coffee happens when the smoke doesn't properly vent out of the roaster, coating the beans and imbuing them with an unpleasant smoked flavor. I describe my recent experience roasting a dark Kenyan coffee that ended up with a pronounced smoky taste due to my roaster not being properly cleaned and maintained.

Listeners will learn what causes smoky coffee, how dark roasts are more susceptible, and tips for avoiding it like increasing airflow in the roaster and keeping it clean. The takeaway is that many variables go into coffee roasting, so inconsistencies can happen even with an experienced roaster. I aim to consistently provide quality coffee, but urge customers to alert me to any smoky flavors so I can diagnose issues and prevent it next time. Tune in to hear my tips for identifying smoky coffee and mitigating the problem.

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