April 11, 2024

Season 1, Episode 59: It's All About Editing

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
In this episode, I discuss the importance of editing and simplifying different aspects of my coffee business. I explain how I am in the process of editing my product offerings by removing items that don't sell well or don't align with my vision. I believe that by simplifying my product line, website design, and overall operations, it will be easier for customers to understand and engage with my business.

I also share my approach to creating new content like videos and recipes. I emphasize the value of taking time to thoughtfully consider ideas and being open to new perspectives. At the same time, I acknowledge the challenges of consistently delivering high-quality content. Overall, listeners can expect insights into streamlining a coffee business through editing and simplification, as well as tips for content creation and staying focused on continuous improvement.

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