April 11, 2024

Season 1, Episode 68: Exploring the Art of Coffee Brewing: From Two Roaster's Perspective

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
This podcast episode features an engaging discussion between two coffee enthusiasts, exploring their shared passion for brewing exceptional coffee. I, known as Oakes, delve into my journey of building a podcast focused on coffee, including my experiences interviewing guests and experimenting with different brewing methods.

Listeners will gain insights into the nuances of brewing styles, as I and the guest exchange tips and techniques for achieving the perfect cup. The conversation covers topics such as the importance of grind settings, the role of timing and temperature in brewing, and the exploration of different coffee origins, including a deep dive into my recent experiences with Kenyan and Brazilian coffees. By the end of the episode, listeners will have a better understanding of the art and science behind crafting a delightful coffee experience.

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