December 20, 2023

Season 1, Episode 8: Roasting and Brewing Experiments Amidst Ambitious Business Growth

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
I open this episode by confessing feelings of overwhelm navigating next steps to sell my coffee online via platforms like Amazon. Finalizing my branded packaging and sorting out logistics represent just a snippet of considerations before launch. Simultaneously, I’m working to optimize my website with dedicated sections for podcasts, video, blogs and more. With so many parallel efforts in flux across my personal and professional realms, I’m aiming to simply start and refine later rather than seeking perfection immediately.

Shifting to updates around my core offering, I’m experimenting with slightly higher brew temperatures up to 200°F, which notably enhances flavor over my previous 193°F baseline. I may incrementally push to 205°F in the coming months to find the ideal extraction sweet spot. Transitioning topics, I describe an intriguing challenge from my brother to narrow my coffee selection down to just 3 single origin options allowing quality focus over quantity. This model may feature 1 South American, 1 African and 1 Central American coffee profiled to have mass appeal versus nuanced flavors demanding acquired taste. Beyond streamlining production, I’m energized by the creative possibilities to showcase different coffees in limited runs. Despite a wandering narrative without distinct structure, the episode provides genuine insight into my scattered yet ambitious efforts to propel my business.

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