May 24, 2024

Season 1, Episode 83: The Coffee Creamer Dilemma: When Additives Reign Supreme

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
I started this podcast episode by confessing that even as a coffee roaster, I enjoy using coffee creamer. I reminisced about my journey with coffee, from the early days of doctoring it with creamer to make it taste better, to eventually appreciating the natural flavors of well-roasted coffee black. However, I realized that for most people, the creamer is the most important part - it allows them to create their desired flavor, no matter the quality of the underlying coffee. I pondered that coffee professionals focus so much on flavors that are often masked by creamer additives that consumers use to achieve their preferred taste.

Listeners will learn my perspective that once a coffee leaves the roaster's hands, it's up to the consumer to enjoy it as they please, whether black or with cream and sugar additives. The creamer itself is often the key factor in their morning coffee enjoyment. While coffee professionals agonize over tasting notes, the majority just want a delicious creamed coffee. This "coffee creamer dilemma" is something the industry may underappreciate when educating consumers about proper brewing and tasting.

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