May 14, 2024

Exploring the Richness of Mexican Organic Coffee: A Personal Brewing Journey

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Exploring the Richness of Mexican Organic Coffee: A Personal Brewing Journey
In the realm of specialty coffee, every cup tells a story. Today, I'm excited to share my experience with a particularly intriguing coffee – a Mexican organic blend that has captured my attention and taste buds: check it out here!

Choosing the V60 Brewing Method
My journey with this Mexican organic coffee began with the choice of brewing method. The Hario V60, a staple in my coffee brewing arsenal, serves as my testbed for exploring new coffees. This method, known for its precision and ability to highlight the coffee's nuanced flavors, was the perfect choice for assessing this coffee's profile. While I occasionally experiment with other brewing techniques, the V60 offers a consistent and reliable foundation for tasting and comparison.

Brewing Ratios and Tasting Notes
For this tasting, I opted for a 1:16.5 coffee-to-water ratio, slightly diverging from my usual 1:15 preference. This adjustment aimed to explore the coffee's characteristics at a slightly weaker concentration, providing insights into its flavor profile at different strengths. Upon tasting, the coffee revealed a complex harmony of classic coffee flavors, pronounced acidity reminiscent of lemon, and an intriguing sweetness reminiscent of Fiji apples. This balance of acidity and sweetness, leaning towards a 60:40 ratio, exemplifies the coffee's versatility and richness.

Roasting Insights and Color Analysis
Delving deeper into the coffee's characteristics, I examined the roast level using a colorimeter to assess both the outer and inner bean colors. The results indicated a medium-light roast, which aligns with my preference for preserving the coffee's inherent flavors. This analysis also suggested a slightly rapid roast, prompting reflections on the roasting process and its impact on the coffee's taste.

The Creamer Experiment
Recognizing that most consumers enjoy their coffee with creamer, I conducted a tasting with French vanilla creamer to evaluate its compatibility. This step underscored my commitment to understanding and catering to diverse consumer preferences, ensuring that the coffee's quality shines through regardless of individual taste practices.

Reflections on Coffee Consumption and Preferences
This tasting journey underscored the importance of versatility and consumer preference in coffee consumption. Whether enjoyed black or with creamer, at different strengths, or through various brewing methods, the goal remains the same: to offer a delightful and satisfying coffee experience. This Mexican organic coffee, with its full-bodied mouthfeel and distinctive flavor profile, stands as a testament to the rich diversity of coffee and the endless possibilities for enjoyment.

Concluding Thoughts
As I continue to explore and share my coffee experiences, this Mexican organic coffee serves as a reminder of the beauty and complexity of coffee. From the nuances of roasting and brewing to the simple joy of a morning cup, coffee remains a source of constant discovery and pleasure. Whether you're a seasoned coffee person or a curious newcomer, I encourage you to embark on your own coffee journey, exploring the vast world of flavors and experiences that this magical bean has to offer.

In the end, coffee is not just about the caffeine or the ritual; it's about the stories, the connections, and the moments of joy it brings into our lives. So, here's to more discoveries, more stories, and, of course, more delightful cups of coffee. Cheers!

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