Why Us?


I used to be a tea drinker – and a snobby one, at that. I started drinking coffee to impress a Lady.  She drank coffee – multiple cups – everyday.  And it seemed to me that she worked really hard to make it more drinkable – multiple brew cycles, added ingredients, flavorings and syrups – and it still tasted like dishwater. On weekends, we would enjoy her special “weekend coffee” – and it still tasted like dishwater, just darker.  I knew I could do better (and maybe even impress my Lady in the process).

When I started looking for better (i.e., tasty) coffees for us to drink, I discovered that coffee tended to fall into two camps: expensive specialty coffees, or generic, store-bought coffee.  Both were still barely drinkable to me.  So my natural curiosity (and propensity for being a serial hobbyist) took over and I began roasting beans for us to drink.  I grew to love roasting coffee for its chemistry and its artistry and Everyday Beans was born. 

At Everyday Beans we make the perfect coffees for the everyday coffee drinkers that still want something special. And who want to drink it every day without busting the budget.

Third wave coffee companies pride themselves on carrying exotic, expensive coffees roasted at the lightest levels. Standard store-bought coffees are like Bertie Bott’s Everyday Flavour Beans – it’s truly a mystery. Or you could pay through-the-nose for expensive, corporate coffee. Every. Single. Day.  

Enter Everyday Beans.  Everyday Beans offers approachable coffees that are meant to be enjoyed every day, but are still special enough to serve at a weekend brunch.  We want you to enjoy our coffee every day. Drink it black or with your favorite creamers and sweeteners, it’s all good. We bring a touch of luxe to your everyday cup.  Want some “weekend coffee” too? We’ve got you covered. And it’s always the good stuff. 

We offer affordable, approachable, amazing coffees to the Houston metro area. (Shout out to Sugar Land and Missouri City!). Our coffees are available by subscription, drop service/(contactless) delivery, or local pickup. What happened to The Lady? She married me. Everyday Beans – we’ve got great chemistry and now you can too.

Intrigued?  Wanna impress a Lady? Talk to us.