• Where do you source your coffee?

    We partner with a couple of green coffee importers in the Houston Area & around the US. They are InterAmerican Coffee, Walker Coffee, Copan Trade Green Coffee Importers, Royal Coffee's Crown Jewels Offerings and many more in the near future.
  • Do you do offer any light roast coffee?

    We normally don't. Our coffees are mostly roasted at a medium roast profile. We believe that this brings out the best in the coffees. However, depending on the coffee, in the A&L Kaffa's offerings, we roast to what highlights that coffee the best. We will identify if that coffee is a light roast, but if it isn't stated, it is understood that it is a medium roast coffee.
  • What is the recommended brewing method of your coffee?

Our coffees are roasted and developed well enough that the brewing method that you desire will work perfectly fine. We are currently working on the perfect blend for espresso and should be releasing that soon.
  • What's your favorite coffee brewing method?

Our favorite method is the pour over method using a Hario V60 coffee maker. We will be presenting some videos of how we brew the coffees and provide tips to better help you with your coffee journey with Everyday Beans!
  • What is the shipping cost of the coffee?

If you are located in the Houston and Surrounding Areas, there is no shipping cost. We directly deliver your coffee to your doorstop.
    • Where is your company located?

    We are located in the Missouri City, Texas area. It is a suburb region outside of Houston, Texas.