May 04, 2024

Finding My Way: Exploring Crowd Pleasers vs. Personal Passion Coffees

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Finding My Way: Exploring Crowd Pleasers vs. Personal Passion Coffees
As an entrepreneur on a quest to build a coffee business, my journey has been one of immense self-discovery and evolution. The very act of podcasting has proven to be an unexpectedly therapeutic outlet, allowing me to freely express my thoughts and document the many ups and downs inherent to this entrepreneurial path.

What has become increasingly clear to me are the two distinct trajectories that have emerged - one focused on finding crowd-pleasing coffee offerings with widespread appeal and profit potential, while the other is an intensely personal pursuit to discover exciting, authentic flavors that ignite a true passion within me.

The Crowd Pleaser Path

On a commercial level, I've realized the necessity of crafting affordable coffee blends and roasts that can serve as crowd pleasers. Roasting and selling palate-pleasing options that appeal to a wide audience is a core requirement for any successful coffee business. To that end, I have planned experiments roasting Peruvian and Mexican coffee beans which may potentially meet that criteria based on their flavor profiles.

Developing an understanding of what resonates with the masses is an important consideration. It's about balancing commercial success with personal fulfillment - creating offerings that garner widespread appeal while still maintaining my authenticity as an artisan roaster.

The Personal Passion Path

In parallel to the crowd pleaser path is my ongoing exploration into distinctive, unique coffee experiences that fuel my passion for this craft. Currently, I utilize Brazilian beans for my signature dark roasts and Colombian varieties for other blends. However, I continue to sample from diverse origins, obsessively seeking out those magical lots that deliver transcendent flavors.

This personal passion path is an expression of my individuality as a coffee connoisseur and roaster. It's where I can let my creativity flow unconstrained by mass-market tastes, crafting roasts that represent the purest expression of my palate and personal preferences.

The Convergence

While these two paths may seem divergent on the surface, I'm actively seeking ways for them to unite and intersect harmoniously. My vision is to construct a coffee brand that can serve up crowd-pleasing options featuring solid mechanics and balanced profiles, while simultaneously showcasing my most prized and personally beloved coffee experiences.

It's an ambitious goal - creating offerings that tap into both widespread appeal and a distinctively niche, artisanal market. But I believe it is achievable through diligent refinement of both paths, and perhaps most importantly, by continuing to document this journey transparently through my podcasts and writing.

Next Steps

With the Peruvian and Mexican green beans secured, my next steps involve roasting and sampling these as potential crowd pleasers. In parallel, I warmly invite my audience to share their input on desired coffee profiles and characteristics – what flavors, roast levels, and brew formats most excite them? This feedback will undoubtedly help guide my crowd-pleasing exploration.

And of course, my personal passion path will remain a steadfast constant, with my ever-curious palate continuing to roam the vast world of exotic coffee origins in search of that next tantalizing, transcendent cup.

The Road Ahead

Building a successful coffee business is a multi-faceted, evolving endeavor. It requires a deft balance of contrasting priorities – honing mass-market appeal while staying true to one's individualistic roots. It's a delicate dance that I fully embrace, for it is this dynamic interplay that breathes vibrant life into my creative spirit.

I conclusion, I will continue to forge ahead on this entrepreneurial journey, laying it all bare through these honest self-exploratory writings and podcasts. It is my hope that by sharing these candid experiences transparently, I can inspire others who find themselves embarking on their own passion-driven ventures. The path forward will assuredly wind with all the inherent uncertainties that trail blazing entails. But I will persist with an open mind and heart, allowing my distinct crowd-pleaser and personal passion paths to mutually thrive.

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