June 06, 2024

My Journey into the Coffee Geek Rabbit Hole

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
My Journey into the Coffee Geek Rabbit Hole


The Great Blooming Experiment
Okay, let's get to the heart of the matter - the great blooming experiment! For those unhip to the coffee nerd lingo, "blooming" refers to the pre-infusion process of pouring a little bit of water over fresh coffee grounds to allow them to release gases before fully extracting.

To test if blooming actually made a flavor difference, I employed my trusty $800 refractometer - a device that measures the extraction levels of brewed coffee. I pondered whether the average coffee drinker would want to go as deep into data-driven analysis as using a refractometer. Or if they'd rather just kick back and trust their own palate's evaluation of the taste.

Brewing Gear Show & Tell

Speaking of brewing gear, I couldn't resist showing off a couple of devices I own. First up was my newly-acquired but unopened Hario Switch brewer. I displayed it still in the box, mainly because I have a theory that the brew hole is too large compared to another flat-bottom brewer I use - the Bonavita immersion coffee maker.

I explained my hypothesis that the Bonavita's smaller hole allows for a slower, sweeter extraction versus the potentially rushed brew from the Switch's larger hole. Not that I've put it to the test yet, as I admitted I still need to properly unbox and play around with the Switch.

The Coffee Geek's Philosophy

Throughout the rambling discussion, I kept circling back to my core philosophy as a self-proclaimed "coffee geek." Yes, I may come across as obsessive about analyzing coffee with things like refractometers. But at the end of the day, my mission is to provide more value and insights to consumers than what typical roasters offer.

I'm not just aiming to be a people-pleaser or shill products. Instead, I want to guide coffee fans on their personal journey of exploration, appreciation, and finding what works for their palate. Even if viewers don't purchase anything I might sell, I hope to enlighten them along the way with useful tips and a welcomed perspective.


While I may vanish down the occasional rabbit hole of coffee geekiness, the core goal is simply savoring great cups of coffee. I'm eager to keep these refreshingly real conversations going with all of you passionate coffee lovers out there. Our caffeinated journeys are just getting started!

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