May 04, 2024

Easy Home-Brewed Coffee: How To Make Barista Quality With Just a Measuring Cup

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Easy Home-Brewed Coffee: How To Make Barista Quality With Just a Measuring Cup

Easy Home-Brewed Coffee: How To Make Barista Quality With Just a Measuring Cup

Coffee shops with 10-step theatrics may seduce us with the allure of third-wave elegance. At home though, must our daily morning routine mimic such fussiness? Between specialty pourovers, cold brew taps, and gleaming espresso machines—coffee loving has become costlier and overly complex. But here’s the thing—brewing gourmet tasting coffee doesn’t require such effort. The key is returning to the basics. And often, simplicity results in better flavor, wallet savings, and consistent quality.

That’s why a kitchen measuring cup delivers professionals results minus the pressure. Really all you require is fresh grounds, hot water from an affordable kettle, and a heatproof container like quart-sized Pyrex. Chances are you already own these ingredients for barista-level beverages. So before investing in showy equipment, reconsider items likely collecting dust currently!

This simple but effective approach mirrors how immersion preparation of French press or cold brew extracts flavor. Bloom coffee grounds with just boiled water in a measuring cup or large spoutless jug. Let steep for several minutes to develop robust taste, then gently push floating grounds down and pour your ready-to-drink infusion. With an unsung kitchen staple, you can channel leisurely Parisian cafe ambience morning after morning! And clean up only takes seconds. Leave behind the hassles of nailing complicated pouring techniques.

Ideal for Letting Subtle Flavors Shine

The modest vessel may surprise you with incredible nuance though. Unlike rapid drip systems, your ingredients directly soak and mingle. This allows delicate fruity or floral essences to emerge from lighter roasts without absorption by paper filters. The result is balanced sweetness and aroma. The method also happily forgives mediocre grind consistency that home-millers often contend with—simply avoid ultra fine espresso-like powder that could over extract. Overall it’s an extremely forgiving gateway to outstanding flavor for minimal monetary investment in equipment.

Some may wonder whether silt or grit will sneak through without advanced filtration—a common concern for immersion-based coffee. However taking a steady hand while decanting is key here. As long as you pour from above slowly into your mug, stopping immediately when residue appears, what’s left is splendidly smooth pure goodness. No clinging particle aftertaste or “sludge” in your cup. Just bright, fragrant satisfaction carrying from front to back coffee experience. And a major perk for many—no need to keep buying wasteful paper filters ever again!

Here's a Step By Step Measuring Cup Coffee Recipe:

Gear Needed:

  • 1.0 Quart Heatproof Glass Measuring Cup
  • Burr Coffee Grinder (or preground coffee)
  • Electric Kettle with Temperature Settings
  • Gram Scale


  1. Measure 30 Grams Fresh Beans and Grind for French Press
  2. Add 8 oz 200°F Water, Bloom for 1 Minute
  3. Steep Grounds 4 Minutes Covered
  4. Stir Down Crust, Stop When Thick Layer Forms
  5. Holding Back Sediment, Pour Brew Slowly into Cup

I don’t know about you, but I find chasing brewing perfection can sabotage the daily coffee ritual that’s meant to energize. This simplified kitchen-craft method allows you to enjoy superb flavor with nearly no effort. Ditch the complex gear and embrace what you likely already own for delightful artisan-quality drinks minus the pressure or cost.

Please note, this method of making coffee can be quite messy and you may get tired of dealing with the mess all of the time. So please be mindful of that and look into getting a less messy solution.

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