Espresso - Orange Velvet

Tasting Notes: Mellow Orange with a Chocolate aftertaste.

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When one designs a coffee specially for espresso use, I believe the buyer, client should ask the roaster why. 

Almost any coffee, especially a coffee that's been carefully process from the very beginning by the coffee producer, can work as an espresso.

But we have designed our espresso blend consisting of Honduras, Brazilian and Robusta to challenge the espresso drinker on the subtleness of flavor and how it can linger and then disappear. I want to get you to sit down, clear your mind and to truly be present with the experience.

So with the taste of orange zest and a chocolate aftertaste or even to an extent a blood orange Hefeweizen, these are the personalities of the coffee combination I believe to get you to pay attention to the present.

Roaster's Notes:

This coffee is lively as an espresso, but muted as a drip. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't try it as a drip alternative, but if you are looking for a solid espresso with above norm espresso, this is the coffee for you.

I would suggest that you don't go too high in temperture and dose it at the recommended basket level and you should be fine with a refreshing coffee.

The Anatomy of This Coffee:

Area of the World Coffee is Located: South American Coffee

Origins: Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras

Aroma: Orange, Chocolate

Tasting Notes: It smells just the same as it taste

Body (mouthfeel in the cup): Full, round

Acidity: Light to Medium, depending on application

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Coffee FAQ

What roast of beans do you offer?

Our beans typically tend to be a medium or dark roast, but we work on custom roasts with our wholesale accounts. If it doesn't specify the roast level, it is typically a medium roast.

Do you offer wholesale beans?

Yes! If you are interested in becoming a wholesale client, please get in touch here!

Why are there no subscription option for these coffees?

You as the coffee client can select most of the current coffee selection as a subscription from the subscription page. If you are on the fence of which coffee to go with, we believe it's best to try different coffees we offer.

What is your shipping & return policy?

We try to process every order within 1-2 days of the order being placed. After that, your order should be fulfilled in another 1-2 days. We have a small team so we do our best with the hands we have!If you are dissatisfied with your order, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Love the clean taste of Every Day Beans dark roast. The mixture of the berry and coffee is what I really value and crave.

Karl S.
Missouri City, TX

It's so good I gave up Starbucks. The coffee speaks for itself.

Antonio H.
Houston, TX

I could never drink coffee black until I tried Everyday Beans. This coffee is great for coffee snobs AND regular joe schmoe’s! Cause it was only after tasting this coffee did I learn that coffee could be so pure, clean, and rich.

Bonnie T.
Houston, TX