December 20, 2023

Season 1, Episode 9: Relatable Coffee, Honest Marketing: Connecting with Customer Perspectives

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary: 
While sampling some affordable milk and dark chocolate, I'm prompted to compare their flavor profiles to the "brown coffee" taste many people prefer - simple, familiar notes like chocolate, nuts and cocoa without striking acidity or fruitiness. Despite my past tendencies to chase complex, ever-changing cups as a coffee snob, I've come to accept most consumers gravitate to mellower, more one-dimensional coffee reminiscent of dark chocolate versus intense single origin offerings. Even loyal buyers consistently return to my medium-dark roasts rather than the fruited or floral Ethiopian or Honduran varietals I spotlight as a roaster. Basically, people stick to their habitual, comforting flavors.

This growing realization guides my current perspective on pricing, marketing claims and flavor descriptions too. While ethical sourcing and organic growing methods remain important, I believe consumers make purchasing decisions based more on taste, value and familiarity than abstract virtues they profess to care about. As such, my goal is to roast high quality coffee while speaking plainly about its flavor in relatable terms without pretentious exaggeration or pressures to spend more. I aim to give people what they truly want versus what I arrogantly think they should want. This honest, realistic approach ensures I don't oversell expectations. By better understanding consumer perspectives rather than imposing my own, I hope to earn business and gently introduce more adventuresome coffees in due time.

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