December 20, 2023

Season 1, Episode 29: Revamping Podcast Workflow and Gear for More Professional Production

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
In this episode of the podcast, I reflect on revamping my podcast workflow and getting into a good routine with recording, editing, generating transcripts and summaries to optimize each episode. I invested in some new software called Podcastle which has helped to clean up the audio and make the sound more professional. I also discuss upgrading my microphone set up with some new affordable equipment that is getting the job done.

You'll also hear me talk about updates on the business side of things this past week like making progress on bag design options and product listings. I share my excitement around showcasing more of my photography and backdrops to show the visual vibe I aim for. Additionally, I'm motivated to get into more video creation and blogging as ways to further engage the audience through different mediums. I examine how to keep enhancing this content with value for the listeners. The episode is perfect if you’re interested in podcasting, creative entrepreneurship or behind-the-scenes looks on this journey. Tune in to pick up some tips!

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