December 17, 2023

Season 1, Episode 3: Balancing Brisket & Coffee: A Stream of Consciousness on Life Endeavor.

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary: 
In this rather free-flowing episode, I provide real-time updates on a Saturday morning while smoking a brisket. After checking on the temperature of the meat, I reflect on how the smoking process reminds me of coffee roasting in some ways - hands-on and rewarding. Updates on my personal life include an upcoming trip to Seattle for my birthday in late September, which I look forward to spending with family. Professionally, I may take on more engineering work soon, as an old colleague is launching a new firm. I also plan to submit paperwork to secure a food manufacturer permit, which will allow me to expand my coffee roasting. Other weekend tasks involve taking professional photos for my businesses and possibly watching Formula 1 racing after walking my dog.

Interspersed throughout the monologue, I sample homemade kombucha, experiment with food prep in my new fridge, and speculate that my kids may be trying to sneak unhealthy treats. While this episode lacks a central narrative, it's a candid look into my efforts to balance family, career, hobbies and my budding coffee company. I aim to continue planting seeds each day to nurture all these facets of my life. September represents a transitional period as I enter a new year of life and embark on exciting personal and professional endeavors. The takeaways center more on my stream of consciousness than any overarching themes.

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