January 14, 2024

Season 1, Episode 37: Scaling My Biz: Coffee, Content Creation & Efficiency Hacks

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
I provide some updates on selling my old studio camera gear on eBay and my experience with USPS Ground Advantage shipping. I also discuss my plans to upgrade the furniture and decor in my home office studio to make it more functional for creating video content.

A big focus right now is getting my Amazon brand registered and starting to list my custom coffee products. I also talk about some of the continuous education I'm doing around YouTube, white labeling products, and marketing.

Other topics include an update on my mastermind group and getting valuable feedback there, my current coffee brewing experiments to understand the consumer perspective, and implementing a Kanban system to organize everything in my life and work more efficiently.

Overall, I'm making steady progress on my entrepreneurial projects, creative endeavors, and personal development goals. I share insights that listeners who are interested in e-commerce, content creation, marketing, self-improvement may find valuable. Tune in to hear my transparent thoughts and lessons learned along the way.

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