April 11, 2024

Season 1, Episode 60: Mexican Organic Coffee Tasting - Bright Acidity & Sweet Notes

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
In this episode, I take an in-depth look at a Mexican organic coffee. You'll learn what flavors and characteristics to expect from this particular coffee when brewed using different methods and drink preparations.

I start by brewing the coffee using a V60 pour over at a 1:16.5 ratio, which is slightly weaker than my usual 1:15 brewing ratio. I taste the coffee black first to get a baseline of the flavors before adding cream. With the black coffee, I pick up a classic coffee flavor up front followed by pronounced lemon-like acidity in the aftertaste. There are also notes of apple-like sweetness that balance out the acidity somewhat.

When tasted with added cream and sugar, the coffee takes on a more mellowed, approachable profile that I think most coffee drinkers would enjoy. The acidity is tamed, allowing the chocolate notes to come through more. I discuss how replicating typical at-home brewing and drinking methods is important for judging a coffee's mass appeal.

Overall, this Mexican organic coffee delivers a balanced cup with bright lemon acidity complemented by sweet notes of chocolate and apple. It shines as an easy-drinking morning coffee but could also work as an afternoon pick-me-up for those looking for a flavor change of pace. With its fuller body, this coffee could also excel as a french press brew.

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