December 20, 2023

Season 1, Episode 7: Coffee Roaster Learns to Let Go of Perfectionism: Focusing on the Beans

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
To start this episode, I share my newfound commitment to consistency by scheduling podcast recording sessions rather than trying to wing it and miss self-imposed deadlines. This structure should enable more frequent episodes, ideally two per week moving forward. I then give an update on securing my food manufacturers permit, the next step to legally expanding my coffee roasting business through avenues like Amazon.

Transitioning to the main segment, I reflect on past dogma around water quality and coffee brewing. While important, my recent experiences drinking coffee at renowned shops during my Seattle/Vancouver trip reaffirmed that water is secondary to the actual coffee and brewing equipment. I explain how the specialty coffee shops likely optimized their water profiles yet the end product tasted generally similar. This knowledge redistributes my focus towards the entire process my customers control rather than trying to dictate rituals with specialty gear. My goal is simply providing quality, medium-roast coffee that enhances whatever brewing apparatus people already own and enhances their daily routine. Rather than chase the ever-elusive “perfect cup,” I must detach from controlling variables outside my purview yet give customers a better baseline product to experiment with freely.

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