May 24, 2024

Season 1, Episode 79: Exploring Coffee's Nuances: Aging Brews & Recipes

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
I. In this candid and freewheeling podcast episode, I share personal stories and musings on a variety of topics - from my lovable dog and the joys of being a "dog person", to the tricky nuances of brewing tasty coffee as it ages off the roast. Along the way, I reflect on trying to provide authentic value to listeners, the challenges of concisely describing coffee flavors, and how recipes can reveal deeper insights about a person beyond just the technical details.

II. You'll learn some key takeaways from my recent experiments, like how concentrating the brew ratio to 1:10 helped unlock the liveliness and fruitiness in an aged Colombian coffee after 5 weeks off roast. I also ponder whether explicitly describing tasting notes like "toasted walnuts" is truly accurate, or if we should simply honor coffee's essence as a fruit. Additionally, I discuss following a sausage recipe from another creator and how it prompted me to consider the personal palate, style, and life philosophies embedded in how people construct recipes. By the end, you'll gain new perspectives on appreciating the art and individuality behind coffee and culinary instructions.

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