December 20, 2023

Season 1, Episode 6: The Black Coffee Snob's Birthday: Reflections on Seattle Travels and Life's Journey

By Oaks The Coffee Guy
Episode Summary:
In this birthday episode recorded on September 25th, I recount my recent trip to Seattle and Vancouver after returning home to Houston earlier in the day. I provide updates on picking my kids up early from school to spend time with them, troubleshooting issues with my coffee roaster, submitting paperwork to move things forward on the business front, and feeling under the weather but looking forward to rest. Discussing the travel over the past week, I highlight fun times with my brothers grilling steaks, going out in both cities, and casually taking the trip as a chance to relax rather than packing the schedule full. While in Seattle, we visited the Starbucks Reserve and I got inspiration for naming the podcast "The Black Coffee Snob" from a friend. However, I joke that the coffee itself generally wasn't anything special, even at renowned shops - mostly light or dark roasts without complex flavor. Still, it was valuable to connect with loved ones without alcohol as the main bonding element.

Looking ahead, I aim to establish more structure around the podcast through pre-planning while still allowing raw, transparent episodes like this where I can speak freely. My goal remains on building genuine connections with listeners by sharing my distinctive experiences in coffee along with professional and personal ups and downs. Rather than know the destination, we are on a journey where the figurative "middle" represents the rewarding parts of life I want to savor and speak into. Even on my birthday, the search continues for the ever-elusive, perfect cup of coffee - but the quest itself brings purpose and community.

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